PWRCORE 20™ Brushless 20V 4-Tool Combo Kit with PWRJump™ Charger


What’s Included: 1x Drill Driver, 1x Circular Saw, 1x MultiTool, 1x Speaker, 1x 4.0Ah Battery, 1x Charger

  • POWER TOOL KIT—Power tools include Drill Driver, Circular Saw, Oscillating Multi Tool, and Bluetooth Speaker.
  • BATTERIES INCLUDED—Get started with one 4.0Ah lithium battery, one 2.0Ah lithium battery with PWRAssist™ USB Port, and one autoPWRJump™ charger.
  • LONGER RUN TIME & BATTERY LIFE - Industry leading PWRCore 20™ lithium battery technology wraps each cell with cooling material to keep the battery powering on for 25% longer run time and 2X battery life.
  • POWER ON THE GO - Plug in to the battery’s USB port wherever, whenever with PWRAssist™ Mobile Charging.
  • CHARGES IN 5 MINUTES - autoPWRJump™ charges the battery in just 5 minutes, or 100% battery in 45 minute (based on a 2.0Ah battery)
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Start Strong With a 20V Tool Kit

This tool combo kit includes the following PWRCore 20™ products: Drill Driver, Circular Saw, Oscillating Multi Tool, and Bluetooth Speaker. Includes the power and performance of the SKIL 4.0Ah PWRCore 20™ Lithium Battery with PWRAssist™ Mobile Charging, 2.0Ah PWRCore 20™ Lithium Battery with PWRAssist™ Mobile Charging, and autoPWRJump™ Charger.


  • 20V Circular Saw:
  • Arbor: 5/8" (16mm)
  • LED light: Yes
  • Net weight (excluding battery): 2.6kg w/o blade
  • No load speed: 5400 rpm
  • Saw blade: 6-1/2" (165 mm)
  • Sawing capacity at 45 degrees: 1-11/16" (43 mm)
  • Sawing capacity at 90 degrees: 2-13/32" (61 mm)
  • 20V Speaker:
  • Auxiliary Port: Yes
  • Bluetooth Distance: 100 ft (30 m)
  • Speaker number: 1
  • Tool height (inch): 5
  • Tool length (inch): 4-3/4
  • Tool weight (pound): 1.71
  • Tool width (inch): 7
  • USB Power: Yes, 2.1A, 5V
  • 20V 1/2" Drill Driver:
  • After-glow: Yes
  • Brushless: Yes
  • Chuck capacity (millimetre): 1/2''
  • Chuck type: Metal single-sleeve keyless w/ lock
  • Clutch settings: 17+1
  • LED light: Yes
  • Max. torque: 450 in.lbs
  • Net weight excl. battery (kilogram): 2.23lbs (1.01kg)
  • Pre-light: Yes
  • Tool Height (inch): 7-11/16
  • Tool Length (inch): 7-1/8
  • Tool Weight (pound): 2.23
  • Tool Width (inch): 2-7/8
  • Two speeds: Yes
  • Variable speed switch: Yes
  • 20V Brushless Multi-Tool
  • Accessory system: 'Starlock' basic & 'OIS'
  • Brushless: Yes
  • LED light: Yes
  • Number of speed settings: 6 Speed Settings
  • Oscillating angle left/right (degree Celsius): 3.6
  • Tool Height (inch): 4-1/6
  • Tool Length (inch): 12-1/6
  • Tool Weight (pound): 2.34
  • Tool Width (inch): 2-5/8


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