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15 Amp 10 IN. Table Saw


The SKIL TS6307-00 10" Jobsite Table Saw has a 25-1/2” (64.77cm) Rip Capacity and is equipped with a 15-Amp motor, integrated foldable legs, rack & pinion fence rails, and a dust port elbow to keep your jobsite clean. The 15-Amp motor quickly rips through hardwoods with ease, while the rack & pinion fence rails make fence adjustments fast, smooth, and accurate. With its 0-45° bevel capacity, the quick release lever allows for cuts between two positive stops at 0 and 45 degrees, and its 4x4 cutting capacity allows for swift 90-degree cutting. The integrated foldable legs seamlessly form into a folding stand to provide portability and convenience, while the dust port elbow systematically redirects dust to a container for easy cleanup. The parallel blade alignment allows for ease of blade adjustment along the rip fence and miter slot, for precise accurate cuts. This table saw features a safety anti-restart switch in case of power outages. This large coated cast aluminum tabletop saw comes equipped with a 10” 24-tooth carbide blade. When using a dado insert, this table saw requires an 8 in. dado blade set.

What's Included: Table saw w/ integrated folding stand, blade guard, push stick, miter gauge, anti-kickback pawl, dust port elbow, 2pcs wrench, riving knife, rip fence, 24T blade, drive knob with washer and hex screw

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*15 Amp 10 IN. Table Saw
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15 Amp 10 IN. Table Saw
15 Amp 10 IN. Table Saw
15 Amp 10 IN. Table Saw
15 Amp 10 IN. Table Saw
15 Amp 10 IN. Table Saw
15 Amp 10 IN. Table Saw
Rack and Pinion Fence Rails
Integrated folding stand
Parallel Blade Alignment
4 X 4 cutting capacity


  • RACK AND PINION FENCE RAILS – Ensures fence stays parallel to blade for fast, smooth, and accurate cuts
  • INTEGRATED FOLDING STAND – Legs quickly fold in to provide portability and convenient storage
  • PARALLEL BLADE ALIGNMENT – Available micro-adjustment of blade so that it is parallel to rip fence and miter slot
  • 4x4 CUTTING CAPACITY – Cuts material up to 4x4 at 90 degrees
  • -2-47° BEVEL CAPACITY – Cuts between two positive stops at 0 and 45 degrees with quick release lever
  • DUST PORT ELBOW – Redirects dust to a container for easy cleanup


  • Blade Arbor Hole Diameter: 5/8 IN.
  • Blade Diameter: 10 IN.
  • Max. Cutting Depth - 0° Bevel: 3.5 IN.
  • Max. Cutting Depth - 45° Bevel: 2.5 IN.
  • Max. RIP of Left of Blade: 14 IN.
  • Max. RIP of Right of Blade: 25.5 IN.
  • Max. Width of Dado: 5/8 IN.
  • Max. bevel angle (°): -2°~47°
  • No Load Speed: 4600 RPM
  • Teeth of Blade: 24T
  • Tool Current Rating: 15 Amps
  • Table Width: 24 IN.
  • Table Length: 25 IN.
  • Table height (folded): 14-1/4 IN.
  • Table Height (unfolded): 32 IN.
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