7 IN. Worm Drive Skilsaw for Concrete


When there’s concrete to conquer, the concrete worm drive Skilsaw makes the job a whole lot easier. It’s the world’s first fully integrated saw designed specifically for scoring and cutting concrete accurately. Forget modifying an old saw. This one’s got our legendary SKIL worm drive power train, plus a unique Cut-Ready™ adjustable plunge lock and a pivoting pointer for unmatched precision and convenience. Used wet or dry, the dual integrated dust management system takes dust out of your way. And rust resistant brackets and fasteners resist corrosion for long life. Armed with Worm Drive gearing, you’ll power through the toughest concrete jobs. It’s all part of the performance legend that is SKIL.

What's Included: SPT79 7 IN. MEDUSAW™ Worm Drive for Concrete, vacuum hose adapter with clamp, water feed assembly and multi-function wrench

7 In. Worm Drive Skilsaw for Concrete
7 In. Worm Drive Skilsaw for Concrete
Legendary Worm Drive Gearing
7 In. Worm Drive Skilsaw for Concrete
Cut Ready depth-of-cut system
Wet/Dry Dust Management System
Cut Line Guidance


  • First worm drive concrete saw delivers a complete concrete cutting system with worm drive power and durability
  • Cut-Ready™ adjustable plunge lock quickly and easily sets straight plunge cuts
  • Wet/Dry dust management system controls dust for cleaner cuts and longer tool life
  • GFCI protection reduces risk of shock to user
  • Rust resistant brackets and fasteners protects against corrosion to extend tool life
  • Retractable front pointer guides saw along cut line and retracts for tight spaces
  • Integrated rolling foot plate with rubber wheels allows saw to move smoothly across concrete surfaces
  • Powerful Dual-Field™ Motor increases cooling and extends tool life
  • Multi-function wrench stored in foot designed to easily change blades, brushes, water feed attachment and wheels22 Amp switch and heavy gauge cord


  • Arbor (inch): 7/8 IN.
  • Blade Location: Left
  • Cord length (feet): 10 ft
  • Depth Adjustment: Yes
  • Dust blower: No
  • Electric Motor Brake: No
  • Foot Material: Aluminum
  • Gear Housing Material: Aluminum
  • No-load speed (rpm): 5100
  • Power (Ampere): 15
  • Sawing capacity at 90° (inch): 2 IN.
  • Tool Height (inch): 7.5 IN.
  • Tool Length (inch): 19.5 IN.
  • Tool Width (inch): 7.75 IN.
  • Tool Weight (pound): 16.9 lb.
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