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New!PWR CORE 20™ Brushless 13 IN. String Trimmer and 400 CFM Leaf Blower Kit with 4.0Ah Battery and Charger

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Level up your lawn care game—without the hassle of gas— with a cordless string trimmer and leaf blower combo set built for power and performance. Get performance and efficiency powered by PWRCORE 20™ lithium technology. The digital brushless motor and PWRCORE 20™ lithium battery technology keep this cordless blower running longer, while its turbine fan design maximizes performance for up to 400 CFM of clearing power. The PWRCORE 20™ Brushless String Trimmer is made for efficiency and ease of use, from trimming to tackling the toughest grass. Patented Twist Load™ Head makes it easy to load the line, and with Dual-Line Bump Feed you can load more line hassle-free. The digital brushless motor and PWRCORE 20™ lithium-ion battery technology gives this cordless string trimmer the power to cut through thick grasses and weeds with ease. This Leaf Blower and String Trimmer Combo Kit includes a PWRCORE 20™ 4.0Ah Lithium-Ion Battery and Charger, Leaf Blower nozzle attachment, plus Easy Storage Brackets that allow you to conveniently store all your SKIL PWRCORE 20™ outdoor equipment with ease. The included battery and charger are compatible with all SKIL tools in the PWRCORE 20™ family.

PWR CORE 20™ Brushless 13
25% longer run time
Brushless motor
Twist load head
Variable speed
Turbine fan
Easy storage bracket


  • CORDLESS STRING TRIMMER AND LEAF BLOWER KIT - Includes PWRCORE 20™ Brushless 20V 13-Inch String Trimmer, Brushless 20V 400 CFM Leaf Blower, 4.0Ah Lithium-Ion Battery, Charger, (2) Easy Storage Brackets, and Nozzle Attachment
  • LONGER RUN TIME & BATTERY LIFE -Industry leading PWRCORE 20™ lithium battery technology wraps each cell with cooling material to keep the battery powering on for 25% longer run time and 2X battery life.
  • POWERFUL PERFORMANCE – The digital brushless motor provides efficient, high-performance power without the hassle of gas.
  • EASY STORAGE BRACKET – This string trimmer and blower combo kit comes equipped with Easy Storage Hook and Bracket to conveniently store all your SKIL PWRCORE 20™ outdoor equipment with ease.
  • EASY TO LOAD + DUAL LINE BUMP FEED - Patented Twist Load™ Head allows you to insert the .080” line and simply twist to get started, while the dual line bump feed seamlessly feeds the line with a tap of the head.
  • TURBINE FAN - Maximizes leaf blower performance for up to 400 CFM of clearing power.


  • String Trimmer:
  • Auxiliary Handle Adjusting Type: Quick Adjust
  • Compatible line: 0.08in
  • Cutting width: 13in
  • Line Feed Operations: Bump Feed
  • Tool Weight (pound): ≤6.2pounds
  • Shaft Type: Foldable
  • Leaf Blower:
  • Air Volume (CFM): 400
  • Fan Type: Turbine,12 blades
  • Noise LPA <2000/14/EC>: 90dB
  • Noise LWA <2000/14/EC>: 101dB
  • Nozzle: Flat Nozzle (Optional Tapered nozzle, Spread Nozzle)
  • Switch Type and Function: Speed Dial (low to high) +Cruise
  • Tool Weight (pound): 4.4
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