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12 IN. Digital Level


The SKIL 12 IN. digital level is compact, easy to use, and packed with features, so it's perfect for hanging pictures, putting up shelves, and lots of other DIY projects around the house. The high-contrast blue vials are highly accurate and easy to see. The digital LCD screen is backlit, so you can read it from any perspective, and adjusts to the correct orientation however you hold it. Arrows and optional audible tones guide you to the perfect angle, and the Hold feature allows you to freeze the value of one angle so you can check it against another. The Memory feature lets you store 10 values and reference them later. A magnetic edge makes the level especially easy to use one-handed.

What's Included: 12 IN. Digital Level, AAA Batteries, Soft Case

12 IN. Digital Level
12 IN. Digital Level
12 IN. Digital Level
12 IN. Digital Level
High-accuracy blue vials
Read from any perspective
Real-time leveling guidance
Magnetic edge


  • High-Accuracy Blue Vials- The vials are easy to see, highly accurate, and show both vertical and horizontal levels.
  • Read From Any Perspective - The digital LCD screen is backlit for easy reading from any perspective, and the screen conveniently auto-adjusts the orientation depending on how you hold it.
  • Easy To Use - Up and down arrow indicators give you real-time leveling guidance, and an optional audible tone lets you know when you hit 0°, 45°, or 90°.
  • One-Handed Convenience - A magnetic edge makes it easy to use with just one hand.
  • Dual Measuring - See centimeters on one side and inches on the other.


  • Auto power off: 5M
  • Battery Life ( Claim ): 10hr
  • Battery type: 2XAAA
  • Bubble vial accuracy: ±0.029°
  • Bubble vial type: Horizontal & vertical
  • Digital accuracy: ±0.05° at 0°&90°, ±0.2° at other angles
  • Display: Auto-backlit black-on-white
  • Length (endcap not included ): 12 IN. (30cm)
  • Magnetic edge: Yes
  • Net weight: 0.97 lb. (0.44 kg)
  • Ruled edge: Y, inch & mm
  • Tool Height: 2.48 IN.
  • Tool Length: 1.22 IN.
  • Tool Width: 13.98 IN.
Download Manual (PDF)