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SKIL systems combine patented lithium battery technology, powerful motors, and industry-leading innovations. Plus, the battery powers any tool within the same system.

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Big Power, Compact Design

The 12V system delivers lightweight power, perfect for working overhead or in tight spaces.

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Man using a PWR CORE 12™ drill
Man using a PWR CORE 20™ circular saw
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Serious Power & Performance

The 20V system delivers advanced power and torque for big jobs.

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Extreme Power & Performance

Check out the PWRCORE 20™ Rear Handle Circular Saw and take power and performance to the absolute extreme.

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SKIL PWR CORE 20™ Brushless 2x20V 7-1/4” Rear Handle Circular
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Ditch the Gas. Keep the Power.

The 40V system features lawn and garden tools that power through yard work.

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PWR CORE 12™ battery opened to reveal the cells wrapped in temperature-management material.

Patented Technology, Advanced Power

SKIL's advanced lithium battery technology is centered around a patented cooling system. Each cell is wrapped with temperature-management material that keeps the battery cool and enables it to deliver exceptional performance.

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25% Longer Run Time

SKIL lithium batteries deliver longer run times, so your SKIL tools will still be going strong when you need them.

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Battery Life

SKIL’s patented technology extends battery life so it lasts twice as long.

PWR CORE 20™ battery charging a cell phone PWR CORE 20™ battery charging a cell phone
PWR CORE 12™ battery on a charger with PWR JUMP™ technology PWR CORE 12™ battery on a charger with PWR JUMP™ technology
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Power it all

There’s a USB port built into the battery, so it’s easy to charge a phone, laptop, or tablet, and take convenient power anywhere you need it.

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Charge in 5 Minutes

Get back to work fast. In just 5 minutes,* patented PWRJUMP™ technology gives you enough charge to power through up to 100 screws.

*charges from 0-25% based on PWR CORE 12™ and PWR CORE 20™ 2.0Ah batteries