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Adjustable Rip Fence


Increase the precision in your rip cuts with our adjustable rip fence. The rip fence is easily installed on the foot plate of the circular saw with the included screw and spring. This rip fence can be used for accurate cuts up to 5 IN. from the edge of board. Compatible with SKIL models: SPT6 Series, SPT7 Series, 5825, 367 (types 1, 4 and up), 5860, 5865, 825 (types 5, 6, 7, 10 and up), HD77, HD5825, HD5860, HD5867, HD77M-72, DH77-72, HD77M, SHD77M, MAG77, MAG77LT, SHD77.

Adjustable Rip Fence Adjustable Rip Fence Adjustable Rip Fence